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Board & Train

Each training program is customized to meet your dog’s individual needs in a way that guarantees results. First, we set the foundation for all of your dog’s training. We then work with you in person to ensure that you have the tools to use your dog’s newfound knowledge productively and effectively in everyday scenarios.

Obedience Board & Train

Image by Max Kleinen

2 Weeks

Covers your on-leash basics. Great for owners who are looking for better manners in the home and on their walks. 

Image by Jordan Davis

3 Weeks

Covers your on-leash basics and introduction to Off-Leash. Great for owners who are looking for exceptional control over their dogs. Great for adventurous high-energy dogs.  



Board & Train

3 Weeks

4 Weeks



All Reactive and Aggressive Board & Trains require a behavioral consultation prior to choosing a number of weeks and drop off date.

Your Trainer will evaluate your dog and recommend a board and train program for you based on your dog's needs.

Reactive and Aggressive behavior may need more than what can be offered in only a board and train. Discuss other options with your trainer during your consultation.

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