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Adventure Class

Free for ScholarS & Graduates





What is Adventure Class?

Embark on an Enriching Journey with Our Adventure Class

Our Adventure Class is a unique opportunity exclusively tailored for past graduates and current students of Whyte Dog Academy. Designed to take your dog-human relationship to the next level, this group class goes beyond traditional training.

Immerse yourself in a dynamic environment where handler skills and dog obedience intertwine with the spirit of adventure. As you navigate exciting challenges together, you'll witness a transformation in your bond that only shared experiences can achieve.

Joshua will guide you through engaging activities that demand teamwork, problem-solving, and communication. Strengthen the trust between you and your canine companion as you conquer obstacles side by side, fostering a deeper connection that lingers long after the class ends.

Plans That include Adventure Class

  • Adventure Class Pass

    Every month
  • Private Lesson + ACP

    Every month
  • Scholar Program

    Every month
    Valid for 6 months
  • Best Value

    Scholar Program

    Every 3 months
    Valid for 6 months+ 7 day free trial

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