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Companion Dog Training

Redefining the Meaning of Man's Best Friend

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Does your Dog....?

Jump on People

Rush Out Doors

Excessively Bark

Playfuly Bite

Disobey Commands

Pull on Leash

If so, owning a dog can be quite stressful and not the joy that it could be.

Companionship is best when communication is clear. If your relationship with your dog is stressful, you most likely have a communication issue.

We fix this by teaching your dog not only what NOT to do but also what TO-do.

Would you Rather your Dog....?




Go To Place


Obey Commands

If so, 

Obedience Training

Obedience is not the solution to your dog's behavioral problems.

Obedience is constructed as a tool/part to help address behavioral issues.  

Behavioral Training

Giving your dog clear and consistent forms of communication creates predictability, therefore the ability to understand.

Always pushing forward and finding ways to motivate your dog so that they are willing to do what is asked of them.

Understanding your dog's abilities and setting fair and achievable goals




The 3 Principles of Reliable Obedience

When changing behavior we are changing the dog's state of mind. 

By using communication built with obedience, we are able to guide and teach the dog through all behavioral issues.

Think Your Dog Needs Obedience Training?

A 2 Pronged Approach to Addressing Behavioral Issues


All dogs will find outlets for their natural instincts regardless of how destructive they may be. Providing your dog with productive outlets is key to addressing behavioral issues.


Obedience plays the role of the alternative to behaviors that are dangerous, destructive, or rude. We build the foundation of WANTED behaviors to replace UNWANTED behaviors.

Does Your Dog Have Behavioral Issues?

Fearful or aggressive rehabilitation

A fearful or aggressive dog is one who uses the tools of FIGHT or FLIGHT to solve all of their perceived issues.

By utilizing outlets and obedience we are able to start building the dog's confidence and change its perception of the world it lives in.

          If your dog is resorting to fight or flight as a means to solve its issues, your dog requires that you provide structure, guidance, and confident energy. Without these things, your dog will remain living in constant chaos.  Structure is implemented with the same 3 principles used in obedience; consistency, persistence, and patience.  Guidance can come in many forms, one of them being your demeanor; if you're nervous, your dog is sure to be nervous. If you add structure and guidance to your relationship with confident energy, you convey to the dog that you can handle the situation for them. With this process, your dog’s perception changes; they see that your guidance leads them to success, therefore not needing to resort to fight or flight.

Do You Have a Fearful or Aggressive Dog?

In-home training

Three Reasons It's Right For You


Faster learning by training where your dog feels most comfortable


The ability to personalize training for you and your dog


Learning with your dog allows for stronger bonds and communication

Why Choose Us?

Customizable Training

5-Star Training and
Customer Service

Easy to Follow
Training Instructions

Lifetime Support
for the Dog

Fair and Humane
Training Methods

Family Owned
and Operated 

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