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"It was a lifesaver for us!"
-Terri Doman

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Training Style
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Subscribe to one of our Scholar Programs to gain unlimited access to our Adventure Classes and 1on1 Private training in your home.

Introducing our New

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Choose one of our popular programs and have your dog come stay with us and get one on one professional training at our academy.

Bring your dog each day and let a trainer train your dog during the day. While your dog is not training they get to partake in daycare.

Have professional obedience training done in the comfort of your own home.

Group training can be an effective way to gain the knowledge you need to get started training your dog.

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Get one on one guidance with a professional trainer and learn how to train your dog.

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Come tackle more challenging environments in this group class to put you and your dog to the test.

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Get training with a professional virtually. Get specialized guidance from a distance.

High-Level Dog Training

Created by Joshua Whyte


In the journey of professional growth, Joshua, the founder of Whyte Dog Academy, honed his unique methodology by collaborating with diverse trainers and navigating through trials and errors. Drawing from the wisdom imparted by experienced professionals and learning from the valuable lessons of challenging experiences, Joshua developed the distinct training approach that defines Whyte Dog Academy today. As the culmination of his extensive knowledge and insights, the academy embodies the essence of his dedication to excellence and commitment to providing clients with the most effective and comprehensive dog training methods available.

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