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In-Home Dog Training

Training Designed for You

How It Works

Training Programs

Training Programs

Want Us to Train Your Dog For You?

Get your dog trained faster and easier with our training programs option. We come to you 5 days a week and do all the training so that you never have to skip a beat in your schedule. Programs provide all the benefits of a board and train, however, your dog never has to stay a night away.

All of our training programs come with all of the same packaged benefits mentioned below, as well as in-home private lessons upon completion of our training.

How It Works


We come to you 5 days a week and train your dog


Once we reach your goals, we train you how to work your dog


Once you're confident, attend our Adventure Classes for free


Benefits of Our Programs

Guaranteed Results

Don't pay for training that doesn't work. We are with you until your goals are met

Ideal Training Environment

Dogs learn best in environments that they are most comfortable. This makes your home the ideal training ground

Easy to Follow Instructions

Fair and humane methods that are easily implemented into your daily life

$10,000+ Value

Lifetime training, digital content, knowledge you get to keep, reliable obedience

Free Lifetime Support

Adventure classes are free for all of our program graduates. These classes will remain free for the life of the dog

Family Owned and Operated

Our Family is dedicated to achieving your goals. 

Private Lessons

Private Lessons

Want to Learn How to Train Your Own Dog?

    Private training is where we focus our attention on training you, the owner. We walk you through, step by step, how to train your own dog. We leave you with homework to complete before our next lesson.

How It Works


We come to you and teach you step by step how to train your dog


You send us updates each week to ensure progress 


Once your goals are met, attend our Adventure Classes

Fearful or Aggressive Training

Fear & Aggression

Do You Have a Fearful or Aggressive Dog?

Fearful or Aggressive dogs are described as dogs who use the tactics of fight or flight to solve their problems. This type of training will be customized to the individual needs of your dog rather than a set program. We address dog-on-dog aggression, human aggression, resource guarding, etc. 

Reactive dog training requires time, patience and social support. Our Reactive Dog Program comes with unlimited support from our training staff during the duration of your program. Through 1 on 1 private lessons, video conferencing, and 24/7 trainer support we are always there to help when you need.

If you are dealing with aggression from one or more of your dogs, it is not to late,

we are here to help. 

Do You Have a Fearful or Aggressive Dog?