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Programs Description

General Obedience

Our General Obedience program at Whyte Dog Academy is designed as an on-leash training program, focusing on teaching essential obedience skills to your dog. Throughout the training sessions, your dog will learn important commands such as sit, down, stay, come, heel, and place while remaining on a leash.

The on-leash training allows for better control and guidance during the learning process, ensuring that your dog responds reliably to commands in various real-life situations. By mastering on-leash behaviors, your dog will be better equipped to behave politely in public settings, making outings and walks more enjoyable for both of you.

Throughout the General Obedience program, our trainers will equip you with the necessary skills to reinforce the training at home, empowering you to maintain and build upon your dog's progress. The goal is to have a well-mannered and attentive dog that brings joy and harmony to your daily life.

Please note that this program focuses solely on on-leash obedience, and we do not teach off-leash behaviors in the General Obedience program. However, if you're interested in off-leash training, we have other programs, such as the Complete Obedience or Freedom Obedience programs, that can cater to those needs.

Complete Obedience

Our Complete Obedience program at Whyte Dog Academy takes your dog's training to the next level, introducing the use of the e-collar for more advanced training. This program builds upon the foundation of on-leash obedience learned in the General Obedience program and extends to off-leash training, particularly the crucial "come when called" command.

With the incorporation of the e-collar, we can achieve off-leash control while ensuring your dog's safety and responsiveness. Our skilled trainers use the e-collar as a communication tool, providing precise and timely feedback to reinforce commands and encourage compliance.

Throughout the program, we focus on teaching your dog to come when called reliably, even in distracting environments. Off-leash recall is a critical skill that enhances your dog's freedom and allows you to confidently enjoy outdoor activities together.

While maintaining the positive reinforcement methods from our General Obedience program, the Complete Obedience program adds the layer of e-collar training, which is gentle and effective when used appropriately. Our trainers will guide you on proper e-collar usage and ensure that your dog associates the e-collar with positive experiences and reliable responses to commands.

As with all our programs, we emphasize a balanced approach to training, using both positive motivation and correction techniques. Our goal is to create a well-rounded and well-behaved furry companion that responds promptly and accurately to commands, whether on or off-leash.

Upon completion of the Complete Obedience program, you will have the confidence and control to have your dog off-leash in various settings, knowing they will come when called and behave obediently. Our trainers will continue to provide support and guidance, ensuring a smooth transition from training sessions to real-life scenarios.

Freedom Obedience

Our Freedom Program at Whyte Dog Academy is the pinnacle of our training options, offering the highest level of off-leash obedience for your furry companion. With this comprehensive program, all behaviors are taught to an off-leash level, providing you and your dog the ultimate freedom and flexibility in your adventures together.

In the Freedom Program, we build upon the foundation of the Complete Obedience program and elevate it to a new level of off-leash control. Your dog will learn to perform all commands, from basic obedience like sit, down, and stay to more advanced behaviors such as heel, place, and recall, without the need for a leash.

Our skilled trainers use a systematic and gradual approach, ensuring that your dog fully comprehends and consistently responds to commands in various environments and situations. With precise timing and reinforcement, we encourage your dog to make good decisions and exhibit impeccable behavior even when off-leash.

We understand the importance of safety and reliability when it comes to off-leash training. That's why our trainers employ a balanced approach, utilizing positive reinforcement alongside correction techniques, including the e-collar, when necessary. The e-collar is a valuable tool to reinforce commands and communicate with your dog in a clear and humane manner.

Throughout the Freedom Program, we focus on strengthening the bond between you and your dog, building trust and confidence in each other's abilities. Our goal is to empower you to confidently explore the world with your off-leash companion, knowing that they will remain attentive and obedient in any situation.

After completing the Freedom Program, you will have a dog that is a true joy to be with, off-leash and on-leash alike. Your furry friend will display reliable behavior and respond promptly to your commands, giving you the freedom to enjoy life's adventures together to the fullest.

At Whyte Dog Academy, we are committed to providing the highest standard of training and ensuring that you and your dog experience the benefits of a strong and harmonious relationship. With the Freedom Program, we offer the ultimate level of training, giving you the freedom to explore and enjoy life's moments together, unencumbered by the limitations of a leash.

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